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White & Red Gapes
Chardonnay - yields a full bodied wine with apple, lemon, and citrus flavors. Moderately acidic, dry wine.

Chenin Blanc - makes excellent sweet wine, fruity and aromatic w/melon flavors, high acidity.

French Columbard - light, dry wine great for tabel wines and making champagne.

Malvasia - Good for dessert wines,and blending Chianti.

Muscat - Sweet grape, distinc musky aroma and grapey flavor. great for making Asti-Spumanti.

Palomino - Good for blending tabel wines. Light fruity wine best drunk young.

Riesling - Will produce tremendous flavor. Light body, crisp, fruity, good acidity,slightly sweet, low alcohol with intense flavor.

Sauvignon Blanc - Yields a good dry/sweet wine.
citrus flavor and herbaceous aroma.

Semillion - Will produce a rich fruity wine with a flavor of melon and figs.

Viogner - medium bodied, fruity with good acidity, hint of peach, apricot and a floral aroma. Best enjoyed while young.

RED Grapes

Alicante Bouschet - Great for blending burgundy.
Produces a aromatic and heavy wine.

Barbera - Noble red grape. Yields a wine deep in color, low tannin and high acid content.

Cabernet Franc - Yields a early maturing wine, deep purple color, herbaceous aroma and low tannin.

Cabernet Sauvignon - Noble red grape, small berry, thick skin, muny pits. Will produce a red wine rich in color, intensely flavored tannin wine with hints of mint, blackberry, spicy vanilla aroma.

Carignane - Used for blending, full of tannin, heavy bodied, medium acidity and color.

Carnelian - Grape yields a zesty, robust aromatic table wine.

Napa Gamay - Fruity, refreshing, medium bodied wine best consumed young.

Grenache - Excellent light and fruity rose wine.

Mataro - Produces a dark fruity wine with aroma close to green tea. Used to provide color and body to other red grapes.

Merlot - Soft tannin, low acid, mature quickly, fruity, and distinctive aroma. Abundance of fruit and a velvety like quality.

Petit Sira - Produces a dark, dry, full bodied, and tannin red wine with intense berry flavors.

Pinot Noir - used in burgundy wines, produces a fragrant wine with hints of cherry and raspberry.

Ruby Cabernet - Will produce a dry table wine with good acidity, perfect with red meats.

Sangiovese - Produces a dark, powerful, medium bodied wine with flavors of plum and cherry.

Syrah - A dark, rich, full bodied wine with a chocolate aroma.

Valdespena - A dark, fruity and medium bodied wine.

Zinfandel - Excellent red wine with deep color, spicy flavor and strong berry flavor. Has a fruity taste with hints of strawberry.

Making wine with little cost
Go to your favorite Hub for Home Wine & Beer Making.

1. Choose the variety of grape you want.
2. Have them crush and destem and press your grapes.
Take home the fresh squeezed must/juice.
3. Put must into open containers used for
fermentation. Containers should be 20% larger
than juice volume.
4. Add wine yeast to must.Cover container to keep
dust and bugs out.
5. Fermentation will begin 24 hours later and will
last about 7-10 days.
6. Siphon your wine out of primary fermenter into
secondary fermenter. Don't disturb the lees
(sediment) on bottom of container. Fill
secondary fermenter to the top and seal with a
rubber bung and fermentation lock.
7. Fermentation will continue for around 60 days.
Siphon again into clean container, wine should
be clear and fermentation will be complete.
8. Add wine stabilizer or sulfites. as wine ages
stabilizers and sulfites will preserve quality
and color of your wine. They will help guard
againts oxidation and bacteria.

  Tools needed for making wine.
1. A plastic tub to hold your must.
60 gallon size holds 14 cases
of grapes. (primary fermentor)

2. Demijohn's to hold your wine once
the primary fermentation is done.
( secondary fermentor)

3. Fermentation locks/caps to put on top of
the demijohns . Fermentation will
continue though you will see little to no
activity in the demijohns.

4. A press. To squeeze the grapes after
the primary fermentation is complete
and the juice has been drained out.

5. A crusher so as to crush the grapes
for your wine.

32lb box of grapes makes 3.5gallons, 42lb box makes 4.5 gallons.



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